Friday, May 11, 2012


 Camila had her first experience "driving" this mini kart and that was so exciting that now she wants to go back to try again.
 Her cousin just reminded her to make  the right turn !
 And little brother got so amazed by the sound of the karts and the speedway.
 Oh, and we visited a fantastic event held in a Shopping Center in São Paulo , old toys museum! I love these stuff, take a look, doesn´t it bring you good old memories?
an old sewing machine, I ´d love to have one of this!
 I used to listen to these children´s stories...

These were called FOFOLETE in Portuguese, I don´t know if you had these tiny little dolls in your childhood. I remember my mom gave me one when she travelled somewhere and she brought to me and I kept it for a long time and carried it with me wherever I went.

 Topo Gigio, there was a TV program , so cute!

 Here you can see Acquaplay that my friends had , Espirograf which was so fun to draw ...

Genius: I wanted this one but it was too expensive so I didn´t have this toy in my childhood , now we can play on the cell phone!

So, is there something else that you really loved playing when you were a kid? I remember the day I got a doll called Bochechinha, it was a Santa´s present and that Christmas night is the one that I can´t forget for the big excitement and joy I felt as a child...  good old times...

Have a great weekend!