Monday, July 26, 2010


I found myself completely in need of dropping everything and head to a trip for a far place, somewhere that we could stay the three of us together enjoying this beautiful winter season that doesn´t feel so cold. Days are warm and nights are chilly and the sky of this place called Minas is amazingly blue... The town´s called São Lourenço and its water is sold in the whole country.

After 5 hours driving we arrived to the hotel and in the morning , all sort of bread, cake and juice on the breakfast table waiting for us was simply a delight! Plus, the typical jellies, cheese bread and Minas cheese were so very yummy!

Say Hi!

And now, heading to the old Steam Locomotive small trip! This is what I really love, TRAINS!

This one goes to a small village called Soledade de Minas taking tourist passengers for an interesting trip, some musicians sing in the train cars and they sell beverage and there are lots of fun with every kind of people!

At Soledade : farmer´s market , lots of fruits, vegetables...

And back to São Lourenço , you can see this bottle of water written on it, the famous water that we drank a lot at restaurants, at the Parque das Águas to refresh ourselves...

Contemporâneo : a very good restaurant where you can taste many kind of food, from Japanese food, Italian or this typical local trout that sounded very tasty , Edu ate it.

And for dessert: Petit Gateau, very yummy and ... sweet!

I do so love trains and the history behind them, the magic of the whistle that we can hear from very far and its particular smell of the smoke...

And I´m glad we could share this moment with our little one ...

Good, good times!!

Have a wonderful week full of joy and inspiration!!!