Sunday, March 21, 2010


My dear friends from the Choir group and my sister in law´s mother who invited us to a delightful lunchtime at the Golf Club where we spent some great time talking , laughing and eating ...
These "bento bags" I made ( except the blue string one) to Camila to take her snack to school every day. I wanted to make something related to each day of the week and Wednesday´s is missing, it´s Fruit Day and I haven´t made it but this week I ´ll try to. A fabric with some fruit on it...

But since I haven´t made it, I pack the fruit ( here the grape box) and I put it inside the bento bag with a small fabric napkin or towel. My girl enjoys it when I add some note , it´s always a surprise for her.

Sunday afternoon, a little craft moment making mosaic box. It´s easy, it´s cute and it´s so fast to make it ! A friend of mine sells these Mosaic Kits and Camila is a huge fan , this is the second piece she´s working on and when she was a toddler she used to make a paper mosaic on pen cases and photo frames that were also really fun!

Actually, there´s no age limit to have fun, isn´t it?

Step by step, she completes the scenery, the top of a wooden box.

Where she says she will keep her little things ...

I was having lunch with those dearest friends, Camila and daddy went to an amazing place and he took some pictures showed down here:

Espaço Catavento is a unique place , a science museum that also kids will be excited,there are many hands-on activities that give visitors the chance to experiment themselves scientific principles in a fun, educational way.

It´s located inside an old beautiful architectural construction that once was the City Hall and there are many sections, a brilliant museum of science, art and human perception .

This is a piece of meteor that she touched and as she said, she touched something from the space!
Well, these are some things that we made this weekend and I hope yours was great , too!!! Tell me what you´ve done!

Wishing you a brilliant and wonderful week!!!