Wednesday, June 29, 2011

He & She

It´s been a long time that I don´t come here to share with you my days but I can tell you , it´s been quite a busy time down here!

Our little girl has become a big sister and she has been very patient with her little brother who doesn´t know how to communicate but crying . We are learning this new language and so is she! For two months she acted as an adult but suddenly she couldn´t stand it anymore and she cried a lot and she expressed her true feelings about this new boy who is taking a lot of her Mom´s time. And I really miss my moments with her and only with her... And I wonder how will I manage this from now on...

But most of the time she is like this, very happy, full of joy and always playing and running and doing something around our home and I love looking at her with my little one in my arms.

I wish one day she will understand how much I love them both... I really do!!

Thank you for your visit , I wish you all a very joyful day!!!