Monday, March 15, 2010


Crafting for the birthday decoration...

Cutting papers, stamping on them...

Baking some bread... These aren´t for the birthday party but for our coffee break in the "crafternoon"!

Tada!!! Almost ready...
Six years old toppers
The Strawberry Cake that grandma brought to us!!! Yummy!!

And the whole family together celebrating ( except my brother who was taking this picture)!

It´s always a good day to celebrate, isn´t it? And when it´s about a 6 years old girl,we dedicate our time to make some cuties and try to focus on this very special moment of this life .
On Saturday we´ve made the party decoration, we baked tiny breads and cupcakes . cut some cupcake toppers, bought some food for the Sunday family meeting .

Then on Sunday , signs of summer, hot weather, sunny and blue sky in the morning , they all came to the outside lunch and there we served barbecue , they all brought some tasty food and we had delicious salads, pork, Portuguese bread, Strogonoff by Mom, oniguiri as well and a beautiful and yummy Strawberry Cake!!!

Happy Birthday again my little girl!!

And a happy week for all of you!!!