Thursday, February 09, 2012

Summer week

This is what you see when you enter our living room: Camila´s Baggy Bunch Guys that she made on the Summer holidays, it was so much fun making it and I thought I should show them to our guests.

outside ::
After school, after work , right into the pool!!! Oh, it´s so refreshing and good for health, isn´t it? Swim , swim, play and then go to take a bath while this little boy looks wondering what are all those cheers outside...

See how cute he´s now?

And then, we had supper, some light food for these hot days like: Tofu & Chives
For those who live in the North Hemisphere I´d like to send some warmth from here! And for those who are spending the days in the hot Summer climate, lots of fresh breeze on the face and tranquility drinking some cold, cold ice tea!