Monday, May 27, 2013



 Things that kids did on Saturday morning still wearing pjs, they played with trains and buttons

 And then off to the road ! The day was splendorous and I love Fall´s mountain landscapes so we took the kids to São Roque and we found this old cars event .

 This one is my favorite on white and red colors. Year: 1957

And the next one below is an ambulance, it´s huge, I wonder how the driver could drive it in the traffic...

 and look inside ... charming, isn´t it?
 I guess my Dad would love this one!

 And then when we got home we had visitors, César and Camila´s aunt  and cousins that dropped by but we really wished they had stayed for a few more hours... It was so fun to see all these kids playing together!

 cute faces!
A little drummer! How about that???

Oh, and these are a few things I saw near the old cars event. Lots of interesting stuff in boxes and more boxes!! Do you remember Topo Gigio?

I wish you all a great sunny week!! Thank you for stopping by!!