Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Mornings of joy

These days of almost Autumn sounds so weird: hot summer days, cold evenings, rainy nights like I´ve never seen before... Actually everything is new in this town since we moved in the last September so everyday is a new beginning with lots of surprises.

The most ordinary details becomes something interesting like the sunlight or the starry night or the strange feeling of loneliness down here. Friends are far now, the internet world seems more friendly and warmer and I really miss my days in the city so spending my time reading e-mails , crafting , sewing and making plans have fulfilled this lack of contacting real people.

Kids are different... mine is always busy with her toys and legos like this one , a beautiful farm that she got from her uncle and aunt on her birthday and since the beginning , the "making of " with her Dad was so much fun!

And now that´s all set she plays in the morning , before going to school... And many other gifts that she got from her friends on her birthday like alphabet games, math games, painting kits , mosaic kits, stuffed animals , books and so on and so forth, it´s a never ending party!!! Would you join us?

Wishing you an incredible week and lots of good news and crafting and fun!