Friday, February 27, 2009

It´s a special day

Parenting feelings: Oh my, it´s been 5 years that you were born and now look at you!! Talking, running, jumping like a rabbitt all the time, happy , always so happy and friendly.
I only have to say that I cannot imagine my life without you and you are everything to me and today , well, let´s celebrate every little moment here at home and then you will have a fabulous day with your school friends!
Happy Birthday dear Camila! Now you can open wide your hand and show how old are you!!!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Into the holidays - Day Four

Beautiful Orchids...

A cart loaded with flower boxes...

and more flowers, amazing colours!! I loved them!!!

Endives with gorgonzola cheese with nuts and crostata bread

His speciality, Beef Stew with mushrooms and shitake, fabulous lunch!!!!!

Early in the morning I went with my choir friends to Ceasa and I could admire and see lots of colorful flowers and plants. Since it´s a holiday many sellers hadn´t come today but even so, it was nice to see those kaleidoscope of reds , yellows and greens!

My brother cooked for us and the lunch was served with style , at his apartment and everything was perfect, the companionship, the drink, the laugh among five women!!! And Edu took care of Camila that gave up going to the movies and preferred staying home with him, that´s good, they just went out for lunch and they spent some time together.

It was a rainy day and now it´s fresh outside, phew!

Ken, thank you for the delicious lunch today! We are all looking forward to the next,hahaha!!!

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Into the holidays - Day Three

Cacau Brasil - Chocolates

Quati at Vista Chinesa

So cute!

Hot pad brought from "Leite na pista"

Campos do Jordão - SP
We left home at 9 AM and stopped at a gas station where they serve a good breakfast, we ate some "pão de queijo" , a typical brazilian bread, delicious served with coffee in the morning.
And we had our lunch on the road, before arriving to the destination because there would be very crowded because of the Carnival holidays and very expensive too.
At Campos do Jordão we found a cozy place, a chocolaterie called Cacau Brasil and we had some delicious strawberries with chocolate , very very yummy! That was enough for us, we visited the town on foot, they sell lots of winter clothes because of the location, at the mountains... but of course we did not buy anything because it was hot at the time, we are in summer and nothing was attractive for our eyes or skin! Can you imagine buying some boots or cardigan?????
OK, I bought a pretty muffler but it was made with some cotton stuff, soooo... I´m gonna wear it in autum, a season that I love so much! But at the time I´m loving this summertime where we can walk barefoot , water the plants and feel the drops of rain on our face that freshes our soul.

Back on the road again , we stopped at an observatory called "Vista Chinesa" and we met some cute animals called Quati or Coati from the tupi language that means " Pointed Nose" , so small and calm, they were looking for food.

After that we stopped at "Leite na Pista" and as we admired the country scenario drinking a cup of coffee with a piece of tapioca cake we walked and visited the store inside this small farm and we found this amazing little piece of art, so charming and contemporary, it´s a hot pad ( or coaster) made of covered metal bottle caps, sewn all together . Oh, I have to tell you, I´ve got home so happy with this one! And the wonderful memories and times we spent today , just the three of us!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Into the holidays - Day Two

The weather forecast says no rain, beautiful day to do something outside and we went to Itu, a city near São Paulo, about 80 km from our home.
It´s a place that brings me good memories because of my father that lived there for 3 years when I was a teenager and I used to go there twice a month and I ´ve spent my summer holidays and winter holidays there, with my dad. He worked at a toy factory called Brinquedos Mimo and I loved my dad´s job , there was a little shop behind the factory where he could buy with discount and I still have one of the toys I loved most, a puppy that walks and barks called xodozinho.
We arrived at the Rancho da Picanha but there was a huge queue , we had to wait about one hour and I was starving, desperately looking for any food so we gave up staying there and drove directly to the other destination: Fazenda do Chocolate, a place we´ve been a lot of times before and it´s a very simple place located near Cabreúva city and we drive near the Tiete River which is a mess, very dirty and it´s so sad seeing that scene...
Whatever... we found good things at the farm , of course there were lots of people but it´s a big park so we could sit, eat some barbecue, give food to the fishes and Camila got a poney ride that she loved , again!
We bought some big "roscas de polvilho" and fresh eggs! Very country stuff!

But something is missing here, I´ve got to go back to eat some Picanha !!!! Not because of the meat but it´s a fine place to kids to play as well. So, maybe next week...

And we arrived home at 5:30 PM, such a wonderful day we had . Now they are asleep and so will I.
Tomorrow we have more plans to get together...

See you around!!!!!

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

To end this wonderful Saturday , grab a cup of coffee ( Oh, Starbucks Coffee would make my day ... and night!) and have a piece of chocolate cake. Hmmm, that sounds great , doesn´t it ??!!!
This is just for you , have a sweet weekend, everyone!!

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Into the holidays - Day One

We all three woke up after eight under a beautiful blue sky and a special sun, very very bright and warm that became very hot at noon and after.

Evidence of a day making art - painting little wooden dolls that came from Casey´s Wood Products from Maine, followed by an afternoon cookie baking time and then ending with an evening dinner at my brother´s apartment where they prepared generously a delicious codfish to celebrate Camila´s birthday. Thank you both, Lucas and Clara for tonight´s wonderful evening time together!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Into the holidays...

I went to see Camila at the swimming class and I saw her through the window playing with her friends, laughing, diving, having lots of fun, this little one really loves water! Her class is called Dolphin´s Class, pretty isn´t it?
And I made her a little surprise by appearing in the shower room and then I helped her to take the 3 minute bath , get her changed and then I saw her lovely , pure smile on her face! Then I know this is the true of all of life, those tiny moments and little joys seem to turn our lives more plentiful.

Today the package I was waiting arrived and everything I ordered came and now we are happy, happy!!!!
This paper will be used to the ATC Kids Swap project that we intend to do this weekend , today it is the beginning of Carnival and the wax I will use on my chair ( the recycled one I posted here on February 16th) and the manequin, oh, this pretty little one is something I wanted for a looong time and now here she is, she is a female one!!! And talking about ART that we love so much, how about this website of Gustavo Rosa, it´s lovely to make some art with our kids, it´s funny, entertaining and educational!

We´re gonna stay home, quietly, trying to get together since daddy was working hard all these last days that we missed him so much! We still haven´t decided about our plans but I have some things in my list ( yes , the list taker is full of wishes!!!), like: pic nic, going to Hopi Hari Park, visit some "pregnant" friends , actually there are 3 friends,wow, many cute babies coming this year!! , reading and playing at home , call some friends... the list is getting immense!!!

Wishing you all a lovely , inspiring, artistic weekend!!! And for our Brazilian friends, Bom Carnaval!!!

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Pizza Morning - Part I

Today she woke up and the first thing she wanted was homemade pizza! Ok, here it is! Yummy , it was delicious!!
But it´s not everyday, ok? Well, tonight she´ll be out at a school party so I "anticipated" our dinner time,hehehe!!!

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Pizza Morning - Part II

Eating !

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Pizza Morning! Part III

Look at this face, happiness in her eyes!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

This chair came without painting, it´s an old beautifully designed one and I loved the details of it , so I decided to paint with an antique pearl tone and I chose this fabulous fabric I´ve found at Donatelli store for only R$3,00 ( about US$1,50) !!!!!Yay!!!!

My friend Bia helped me with the cushion thing, she has all those tools , staplers, hammer and nails... And voilá, the make up was ready!!! How did you like it?

Oh, I just can say that I can´t stop looking at and admiring it, actually I have to sit on but it´s so gorgeous, I loved it very much!

Have a wonderful, creative and productive week, everyone!!!

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine´s Day

Here in Brazil we do not celebrate this Valentine´s Day but since I blog a lot and see and read so many friends and people talking about it, I feel like I´m a part of this world of celebrations no matter what or where!!! Arroz de Festa , we would say!!

Tonight we went to celebrate it , after Edu came home from a hard day, studying and working , we picked me up to have dinner out and for dessert, Petit Gateu with Vanilla Ice Cream!!!!

Oh, I´m getting fat, I have to buy new pants and who knows when, I´ve gotta start some hard diet... yeah,yeah,yeah, on Monday... hahahahaha, it never works!!! Diets are a loosing battle for me!

I wish you have a love filled Valentine´s Day !!!

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Sukiyaki Market

This little deli is in front of my brother´s home and it has the best "Sonho" I´ve ever dreamed!!!! This is different from the usual one , it´s baked not fried so you get less stressed about the calories, fat, etc.etc... And its DE LI CI OUS!!!!!

So when I don´t have much time to cook, here I go to Sukiyaki because they have this great meals and vegetables and beans and anything you can imagine. Everyday there´s something different and I never go out without their butter flavoured bread, yummy, heaven!!

Here´s the address:
r. Prof. Monjardino, 174 - São Paulo - SP
Tel. 3501-8490
(Closed on Mondays)

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Birthday Making Of

Camila is so excited about her birthday and the first thing she does when she wakes up is looking for the countdown calendar and she gets more and more excited!!! So pretty to see this little one putting all her hopes, energy and delight on the 27th day of February to become FIVE!!! So am I...

We brought some simple keepsakes to give to friends at pre school and here they are. She opened all the packages, ordered on the table and put each one in the party bag, the SpongeBob party bag.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Summer sewing time

These are some photos from the last Friday that I was really excited about creating the pattern for these little funny faced monsters ( a commission for a local Toy Store) and I had lots of fun choosing the fabrics, stashes, the felt and the eyes… Oh , the eyes, we have to be careful with them, they say so much just with the look like we, humans do…

It feels it´s been ages since I was last in my sewing room but when I sat on the chair, it felt so good I could stay there for hours, even without a cup of coffee, can you believe that?

And with the new little monsters came a pillow case, country style that I enjoyed very much on sewing, I think it became very simple but I had so much pleasure doing the quilting sequences sitting on the couch, feeling the warmth of the summer and drinking some iced tea, doing my best to stay present in this season while also looking forward to the lovely autumn breeze.

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My life with umbrella

This is the one I carry in my car, all the time, my companion.

Do you know what I secretly love? UMBRELLAS! If I could I would ask for everyone an umbrella for my birthday but... that would sound stupid or wierd, isn´t it? What would I do with so many umbrellas in my life, in my house? ok,ok, shoes , bags , too!! I love them! But they are more usable, I guess... hmmm... men don´t understand, Edu will get into crisis if I buy one more pair of shoes,hahahaha! He is lucky that I am very straight with our money and I don´t go out spending on any wonderful, beautiful, unforgettable shoes and bags and umbrellas I find in the shops !
Well, I´m looking for some inspiration for my new work and my next project will be themed on umbrellas and I´ve found this amazing photograph on google search and I´m not sure about the copyrights but I´ll leave the source here :

Lately it´s been raining a lot and I confess, it´s my happiness that I can use my favorite one, a pink and brown umbrella , a beautiful combination that reminds me chocolate and MM´s !!!

See you around!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Countdown

Phew! I´m feeling better now after 3 days of pain, fever, sinusite and backache! What was that? I mean, everything came at the same time and I couldn´t even wake up to cook , poor Camila that wanted me to play games with her, I could only play some puzzle games but then my head was spinning!!!
I took a nap in the Sunday afternoon and she stood by my side and slept with me, so sweet...

But finally today I could go to an English School for Kids to take her for the test and she liked and plus, I guess I found a class for me too!!!!!After that, she went to school and I made the lunch for Edu and we had lunch together, quickly because I had the choir rehearsal in the afternoon. It was very funny, all those old ladies making fun, my mom making jokes and the afternoon tea was delicious brought from Keiko, the Maricota friend!

I´m sorry for thie horrible , ugly flashlight, I hate flashes on photographs but couldn´t avoid it to post today, I couldn´t wait until tomorrow´s morning natural sunlight that I love so much! Just to say that Camila is enjoying and having lots of fun playing the decoration of her Birthday Countdown Calendar.
Yesterday she said to me: Mom, I´m so anxious for my birthday because I´ll be FIVE YEARS OLD!!! So cute, my little baby is getting "old", hahahaha...

Today I´m very happy and grateful for everything that´s happening in my life, for the friends I have, for these days I could rest and for the English School I finally found, for everybody´s health and safety ( because we live in a big city...) and for the chance of having this place to share with all of you, thank you for coming by everytime, you are welcome everyday!!!! And I´m sorry for not writing all these past few days ...

Take care and see ya!!

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Contagem regressiva!!

A internet é uma ferramenta poderosa e deliciosa pois encontramos muitas diversões e eu particularmente adoro gastar minha impressora!!!
A Rosa do delicioso blog Tessituras sempre tem dicas preciosas e super bonitas e vale a visita ao blog dedicado para os pequenos , o Tessitura Kids que a Camila adora! Já fizemos diversas brincadeiras fuçando as páginas da net!
E enquanto eu navegava pelas Tessituras, achei o site da Canon indicada pela Rosa e resolví fazer a Matrioshka e um calendário de contagem regressiva pois o aniversário da Camila está chegando, no dia 27 deste mês. Todos os dias a Camila acorda e vai direto ao calendário! 5 anos, está chegandooooo!

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Vida Simples

Mantinha de patchwork que andei fazendo, era para ser um Baby Blanket para presentear alguém mas... Ela gostou tanto que acabei cedendo, fiquei tão feliz que ela gostou e apreciou ... o que uma mãe não faz...

Este caderninho com a capa toda trabalhada em bordado eu ganhei da Ana , talentosa Flicker que me tirou numa troca que diga-se de passagem, foi inesquecível, ganhei tanta coisa da Ana que quando abrí o pacote eu fiquei boquiaberta com um sorriso de orelha à orelha! Guardo, uso e levo para todo lugar e está quase acabando... preciso comprar mais um refil! Visitem a página dela no Flickr , é de alegrar seu dia, tanta coisa linda e colorida que é difícil sair de lá!
O pote de vidro foi reciclado ( vidro de champignon) e colei uma pequena bola com tecido recheado de manta acrílica para acomodar as agulhas e alfinetes que tenho por toda casa.
Tesoura que meu pai me deu, tenho todo carinho e ciúme dela pois só utilizo para cortar tecidos. Ai se alguém resolver usar para cortar papel ou plástico!!!

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Monday, February 02, 2009

From Russia with love

Temos uma tia que mora na Rússia e trouxe este belíssimo presente feito em madeira , dos contos infantis " Os músicos de Bremen", é um brinquedo para encaixar, um presente digamos, para todas as idades, pois eu também gostei demais. A Camila ouviu a história e depois me contou em casa.

Fevereiro chegou, o aniversário da Camila está se aproximando, quem diria hein, 5 anos!!! E pensar que outro dia ela balbuciava , chorava muito e eu não entendia nada... Hoje nos entendemos tão bem, ela se expressa de forma clara que não temos dificuldades na nossa comunicação e quando saímos, eu sempre enrosco em alguma cafeteria e então ela me acompanha, senta do meu lado e literalmente conversamos. Ah, coisa boa isso!

Domingo Camila acordou um pouco cansada e com dor de cabeça mas nada como uma boa soneca e comidinhas , pronto, estava nova em folha! Mas o melhor foi vê-la de pijama o dia inteiro, quisera eu também ficar assim...

E enquanto ela descansava eu quiltei um pouco, fiquei com a alma leve por dois motivos: Edu e Camila em casa e eu : quiltando... nem precisei de um chocolate para adoçar o dia mas o café, ah, sim o café sempre do meu lado, aquele aroma no ar. hmmmmm...