Sunday, February 14, 2010

Live, Love, Laugh

Carnival holidays :: to rest, to look up and to dream...

Our living room before our guests arrival

Moments of our Sunday

Hi! I missed you guys, I am sorry I didn´t come here for days, it´s been really busy these couple weeks , my girl going to a new school and also everything was "so new" to me, the morning routine , the new road to take her to school, new teacher and so on and so forth.

In many parts of the world today is Valentine´s Day but not down here , unfortunately, I should say... I do feel from the bottom of my heart that I would send all those lovely handmade cards to lots of people I know , I would make each of them and they would be different one from another because it would be very personal. But then I think it would be impossible for me to finish all of them! That would take me hours, days, weeks to make them all... But what really matters are the feeling and all the thoughts I have about all these (blogland & flesh )friends and family members.

Celebrating the date or not, it´s Carnival in the whole country and we have four days and a half of holidays when people travel, go to the beach because it´s very hot in this season and others go to see the Carnival Parade ( Rio and São Paulo are very famous ) but we always use to stay at home because the city gets quiet, less people on the streets and no traffic, that´s a dream!

We had lots of friends sharing food and lots of laugh around our home, at the barbecue corner ,
sitting under the coconut tree drinking beer , eating fruits and ice creams , telling stories , listening to the kids ( and adults too) that were happily playing ball and swimming in the pool, doing absolutely nothing... it has been a wonderful break since Saturday...

And now, what about you, what have you been doing , what´s going on around you?
I want to thank you for always coming here, taking your precious time to read and say hi, it´s something that really makes me happy! Thank you!

And have a wonderful week !!!