Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Helping hand

Are you ready ? It´s all set with craft materials on the table...

Drawing on the plate with toothpick , using your imagination you can draw anything!

Use your favorite color and paint the plate you´ve drawn and stamp on the bag

Here they are!

This is another idea she came out! Collage with origami papers

This little girl with tiny hands has helped me at home like this moment of creativity when we decided to decorate the Christmas paper bags to be given in a few days at the event I´m planning at Bia´s studio.

I had nothing in mind, couldn´t think about anything because of the thousands of duties, chores and things in my mind so I asked my kid to think about something to decorate the bags that should be easy, fast and fun!

So she came with this idea of stamping with these styrofoam plates that always acumulate in the trash can. She learned at school and now she wanted to show me at home and voilá, it worked!

I finally knew that children has a different way of thinking, they are practical, full of creativity and imagination and I´m so very glad for having this helping hand right in front of me!

Okay, now we have work to do, lots of bags and bags and bags to stamp! Bye for now and have a wonderful , inspiring Wednesday!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas atmosphere

This Christmas crib is a beautiful handmade gift I got from my uncle who is a Bishop of the Anglican Communion in Japan. Every little detail has been put on the faces, crown, hands , animals and ...

... they can be carried inside this cute barn house, isn´t it creative???

What are your favorite spots from Christmas decoration ?

And outside, hot weather and beautiful flowers amaze me in this time of the year!!!

Tomorrow it´s holiday here in our city so I´ll take my day off and I´ll be back in a few days,

Have a wonderful, lovely weekend!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dad´s corner

These days I´ve been at my dad´s office at his house and I´ve found some treasures that he left here before going to Japan where he lives by this time.

He has this collection of train models ...

This is a set of tiny wooden toys : The musician of Bremen

A very old match box that my grandpa gave me and I kept for years, then one day I had this idea of framing it and gave to my dad as a birthday gift.

My father is a very organized person and since I know him he is an antique lover and we used to go to flea markets and antique shops when I was very little.
He loves coffee grinders, samurai sword´s acessories , old cameras, photographs and trains.
This is my father´s family symbol , I guess every Japanese family has one and I love this beautiful flower and I have a sticker that we made on the computer and it´s on my car window. Somehow it makes me feel protected and always reminds me that I´m part of this family.

Last week my Dad celebrated his 82nd birthday and I wish him the most blessed celebration and I also hope that he may live his new life in Japan with joy and happiness!!!

And wishing you some moments of reflection to feel and see the beautiful things that this life offers to all of us.

With much love,


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Each day has its special moments

Like this day that she lost ( finally) the first tooth!
And I made to her this little bag to send to the Tooth Fairy and she came this weekend and left her some coins! Note that the tooth face was drawn ( by my little girl) upside down, oops!

It made me so happy when I saw my daughter´s surprised tiny eyes when she opened the bag!

Well, this was the first of many more to fall... and more coins to come!

Wishing you a happy Friday , talk to you tomorrow, maybe!


Friday, November 06, 2009

Sun filled days

Maybe it was the magic of the water that talked to us and called us to get in, to play ...

as a Shark!

or an Alien from the deep, deep water...

looking for some mysterious foliage... ( or the dirt daddy didn´t clean up!)

again, looking like an Alien!

and when she swims I can see the true excitement and joy on being under the magic water, enjoying each moment and at the end of the day...

all we need to do is relax and just listen to the chatting birds announcing the sunset...

Have a wonderful weekend , sending to you all some warmth from this tropical land with much love and joy!


Monday, November 02, 2009

This weekend

Halloween isnt´a great tradition in our country but at home, yes, we do enjoy these creepy things like making secret potions!!

The best thing to do when the day is so warm and the blue sky is all around : spend the day outside as much as we can, walk barefoot on the fresh green grass, take a ride on the poney with dad, swim , fish, whatever you want, it warms our hearts, have you ever tried it? oh, and I can´t get enough of the beautiful blue sky and those funny clouds floating and playing with each other...

Christmas decoration is already set at the Mall we use to go and what´s the best way to visit Santa´s house? With a very good friend to share all the hopes and dreams these decoration brings!

Back to the sewing studio, lots of organizing and plenty of sewing , cold coffe with milk, fruits ... oh, how I love all these tapes, ribbons and colorful fabrics!!!

Today it´s Holiday and I´ve spent the morning sewing pretty little things to sell , I must rush, make some more because time flies!

I love doing these kid´s kit that holds stickers, crayons, a tiny notebook and a little game. A great gift that can be refilled anytime!

And here´s wishing you a week full of happiness, love and fun whatever season you may be enjoying!