Thursday, December 30, 2010

Japan: last week

Low temperature outside but warm inside our hearts for all the good moments and beautiful places we´ve been visiting

Amazing nature

and fantastic architecture of Kyoto

Don´t you just love KIDS MENU? So cute, small and yummy!!! Yes, there is a popcorn, too!

Seven Eleven convenience store : you will see so many winter delicious food inside this store...

Tea boxes in a vintage design, I wish I could buy one of those... which one???

Honey & Margarine :: I wonder its taste, it looks sweet!

I LOVE Indian food so we went to a restaurant in Hamamatsu city called Kashmir Indian Food and this is Kid´s Curry Set and...

This is MINE!!! with lots of Nam bread that I also LOVE!!!

Some spots of my dad´s workspace.

OK, someone put some bags and clothes on his table...

This is his bedroom and here is Camila waiting for us to leave "home"... it´s time to say:
"goodbye" Japan!

We stayed our last night at a hotel at the airport which was soooo good!!

And we had room service because we were so tired!!!

And here we are finally at the Narita Airport, leaving this beloved country that we learned a lot about!!!

Thank you everybody who took this trip with us, virtually or not, it was a great pleasure to share it with you!

We will miss JAPAN ...

Have a wonderful week!!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Japan , unforgettable memories

Here we are back to this corner to show you what we have done in Japan!
I have met old friends, my daughter made new ones and we are all delighted by so many wonderful memories we are making here.
This is Camila and her new friend Mayumi who took great care of her while visiting Tokyo Disney, she enjoyed Mayumi`s company for her kindness and her patience and she really will remember this day to tell everybody when she gets back home.

Back in Tokyo with my parents, we went to visit some very touristic places near our hotel and there were colorful stores everywhere , we walked under a very cold weather, especially for us, tropical creatures, this was killing!!!

Looking at kids old wooden toys...

Amazing KIMONO fabrics!!

Hotel amenities included foot massage!!! So perfect after a whole day walking!

My dad took us to this Cafeteria that I used to go when I lived in Japan almost 12 years ago , it hasn´t changed , the same old smell of coffee and delicious food in a very small cozy house.

They serve delicious desserts!

Madonna Pomodoro is the name of this small cafeteria and after having tea and cake my brother called us , he was in town with his wife and we went to have dinner at this fantastic sushi house called Kappa Sushi.

Kids love this restaurant for its non stop service of many dishes coming in front of them and they can pick anything they want.
The price is good and the food... yummy if you like Sushi and other Japanese food, this is the place!

Come join us!

Now we are in Kyoto city, we asked for the taxi driver to take us to a short sightseeing and he showed us fantastic spots like these...

Japanese gardens
Kimono fashion


I felt I was back in time, centuries ago for the way people keep these old places so beautiful , clean and open for us, tourists to visit .
We met some friends in Kyoto and we had dinner together, these past few days have been very busy but I promise I will visit everyone´s blog when I get back to Brazil, to my home. Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your patience .

Have a wonderful week everyone and see you in a few days!!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two Brazilian in Japan

After leaving the hot weather of Brazil, 11 hours later we arrived at Zurich airport and it was so beautiful outside with real white Christmas landscape. We stayed for about 2 hours to get into the aircraft again and face more 11, almost 12 hours in it. I was getting tired but this little girl ...

... Swiss Air offered so many cute amenities for her that she was amazed and pleased all the way to Japan! Look at this cute little stuffed airplane !

and also this happy face eating and having fun !

This is just the beginning so, please join us in this trip to JAPAN!!

My parents are Japanese but I confess that sometimes it feels like I am really very Brazilian for all the different culture I find here in Japan not only for the chopsticks or the green tea they drink but for the way they wear, walk, talk, act ...

My dad who lives in Japan now picked us up at the train station of Hamamatsu which is a beautiful city , far from Tokyo but still surrounded by skyscrapers and lots of cars and bicycles and people everywhere.

Then we finally arrived at his home, we will stay for two weeks. Are you ready, guys?

Two days later we decided to go to Kiosato, a highland resort at an altitude of 1300 meters at the northwestern part of Yamanashi near the border of Nagano.

First stop > lunchtime with Mt.Fuji on background

Welcome to Japan!!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

Inspired by Amanda Soule


Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday at home

Have I ever told you about my postcard swap?
OK, I must say that it´s so entertaining and fun for many reasons and since I love handwriting this was something that I always wanted to do, swapping postcards with people all over the world!

I receive 4 to 6 postcards each month because I am a beginner in this Postcrossing group and I can send randomly to someone in the planet the same quantity .
You can also take a peek on POSTCROSSING website and check out how interesting it is!!

The great thing is that I can list all my preferences and then I receive the most interesting postcards according to it , like these ones that I really love!

:: COFFEE ::

:: BEAUTIFUL STAMPS :: ( that could be part of another collection, should I start it?)




There is a blog about Postcrossing and many schools around the world introduced to their students to practice English writing through this activity so they can also learn different culture, tradition, people , they write as a group or individuals and I ´ve already sent to two schools in Germany.
This is a very cheap and easy way to do good things like writing to someone who is ill like this one where many postcrossers got in!

My little one loves to check out the mail box and when she gets one we sit together and I read and show her the stamp, the photograph and we look at the map to see the location from where it came from.

Wishing you a very relaxing Sunday with your loved ones and a great week to all of you!!! Thank you for stopping here, leaving your kind comments!!!


Monday, November 01, 2010

Welcome November!

This is absolutely cute and beautiful, isn´t it?
A very good friend of mine made it ( patiently) by herself to my little baby who is a BOY!!! By the time she was making it, she didn´t know so she chose pretty colors that could be used by a girl or a boy. And it turned out so beautiful! Thank you , CELIA!

A closer detail of the patchwork baby bed cover... It´s a lovely blue star, isnt´it?

And... our home was decorated by pumpkins and orange colors here and there for the Halloween

We love Halloween parties but unfortunately we do not celebrate that much in our country... But the spirit of this season is everywhere in our home!!!

I hope you had a great Halloween celebration and I wish you a week full of joy and inspiration! thank you for stopping by!!!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Favorite moments

Surf boards on the ceiling :: a color palette where you can choose your favorite color

Windsocks :: a whimsical studio full of them, that was a feast to my eyes!


Local food :: Sea food is my favorite

Tiramisu cake + coffee , too. Not necessarily in that order...

Looking for new cozy coffee houses and finding the perfect one hidden on our way home

Living this very moment...

Grateful for so many blessings in this life and wishing the most wonderful of days with those you love!