Thursday, October 29, 2009

9th Anniversary

So this is our 9th wedding Anniversary and we went to a restaurant just the three of us to celebrate this special date.

9 years ago we got married at the Anglican Church and since then, we´ve been living together, we had this little girl 5 years ago and I can´t say how lucky I am for having such a wonderful life, family, husband , daughter and friends...

Thank you everyone that fills my life with joy, hope and lovely words, my gratitude is endless , I love you all!!!

October, 28th, 2009


Monday, October 19, 2009

Gifts from the nature

This is the place where I feel home, where we meet friends and family , we drink tea, where we have our dinner and have a very special time together, where I wrap gifts and write birthday cards , where we do the homework and well, I just can say that it is a new table but already a very familiar table.

Exploring nature...


Red and green, absolutely my favorites!

Checking out what the long rainy days left for us, outside...

Tiny hands holding little gifts from the nature

Tomorrow´s strawberries...

Wishing you a magical and lovely week, everyone!


Friday, October 16, 2009

A special award

I´ve just got this award from Lori, a woman that I admire for her kindness, love for nature, for her beautiful family and her stories around the world she travels and photographs.
So , now I feel very pleased to pass this on to this sisterhood we´re living day after day in this blogworld where I have made friends , good friends that maybe I will meet someday and others that maybe not but I do love and want to share and keep this friendship for a very long time. Thank you for visiting and leaving comments here in this little cyber corner and please spread this award ,( a special award created by Ces )to anyone that you admire, love, share good moments...

To my dearest friends: Lori, Andrea ( Sweet Bug) ,Amanda (Soule Mama), Nicole ( Garden Mamma), Vanessa Maurer, Beti Copetti, Celia Martins, Kaká, Érica, Nina, Jacqueline, Ana ( Sinhana) , Miki, Sossô , Bia , Carmen ( from Bahia) and all the followers on the sidebar, I really appreciate your connection and thank you , thank you so much to you all!!! Please have this award !!!

Warm wishes, have a brilliant weekend!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The sun has arrived in my sewing studio!

I´m back, sewing and having thousands of ideas that I´ll have to write down on my notebook, try to organize a little before I start but today I´ve sewn something that later on I´ll post here for you! And it´s yellow as you can see here in the sewing machine picture!

I just can´t survive without them!

This sewing machine... Oh, it has been working for years and years, I really love and respect it!!
I love flowers of every kind, these are fake but I like them a lot and they decorate my window .

At the entrance of the studio, some embroidery framed work, a clock ( not working!) and a pretty key hanger I bought some years ago .

My reformed lampshade with scraps!
More scraps of fabric , now I sewed them on the curtain, it became more colorful!

Isn´t that wonderful ? Finally after days of grey skies, windy days the sun has come to our place and brought together some inspiration for me to take some fabrics, choose colors and take photographs , too!

I´m happy now.

Have a sunny day!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Kid´s day celebration

In Brazil we celebrate Children´s Day in October , 12th and this year Camila wanted us to take her to the Zoo Safari where we can enter with our own vehicle to the animals area, it was such a great idea because we could spend our special moment together, the three of us and she will have this day in her memory forever... She really enjoyed visiting this place!

Today after a very windy morning, there came the rain , lots of rain to tell you the truth! In the afternoon Camila got her gift from her grandma, a bicycle that made her so happy that she couldn´t stop riding until the sunset and after the strong rainy afternoon, the sky got purple , something special and so beautiful...

Oh, and her uncle gave her a microscope that she really enjoyed , now she looks after bugs and any kind of insect everywhere around the house. Something good that keeps her away from the TV, thank you so much, tio!!!


Friday, October 09, 2009

Spring memories

Spring is very close now, blossoms of flowers everywhere and colorful spirit brings joy to our lives !

Apples, I love apples because of the red color, the wonderful taste and its form that it´s so perfect and we can hold it in our hands or a child hand, it fits so fine!

My lunch salad, yes, it was very tasty!!!

Artichokes and pumpkins , we do love it , too for its color and form, aren´t they so perfect for decoration and for eating?!!!

My kitchen window...

And outside...


Saturday, October 03, 2009

Friends, nature, happiness

Enjoying freedom...

Some curious ducks came to see us while we were picking blackberries!

Today we had some dear friends visiting us and we could share the delights of the earth , going for a walk in the woods, relaxing and talking at the comfort of our new home, drinking coffee and serving good food for everyone.

Signs of Spring!

Hi there!

With Halloween decoration buckets, kids played, laughed and enjoyed berry picking!!! Oh, simple things that bring so much joy...

What are your simple joys?

I wish you a lovely weekend!!!