Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten things I´m loving...

This is an interesting exercise and I´ve been making lists on and on. Here I´ll post 10 things that I´m in love right now. Not necessarily in that order.
1. Early in the morning the first sunlight coming inside the sewing studio... so inspiring!

2. Looking around my home and finding things I´ve sewn years ago... still in use

3. Celebrating birthdays!
This one? For the 3 years old " Foquinha" the little elephant seal . Happy Birthday little one!

4. My new red shoes, so comfortable... They take me everywhere, I wish they had wings!

5. Taking pictures here and there in a desperate way of practicing...

6. Ladybugs, aren´t they so cute?

7. Celebrating life!

8. Baking muffins , eating them with a cup of coffee...

9. Stormy weather, wind, raindrops that turn into...

10. a new landscape , day after day ... Isn´t life so amazing?

How about you? What are your favorite things in your daily life?


Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 Resolution Number One

When I talked to Lori about our trip to California (and let me say that she was so very kind ) she sent to me a list of places to go and things to do and one of the interest activity was to buy postcards and we would send to ourselves ( to our home) and that sounded a great idea!

So, the first one came from Santa Barbara and I wrote down the first time my daughter saw an elephant seal and how excited it was, when she ate two churros before lunch at the pier and we had lots of fun looking at the weird, colorful themed caps and hats. It´s something we can share after we get home and then we can keep this memories forever .

Now, this is something I want to reveal for you!
I wanted to enroll in an e-course and now that I´m in I will tell you.
It´s about creativity, writing and photography through exercises, journaling and reading , it´s been very interesting and motivating for me to be focused on "seeing " the beauty in my daily life.

This is one of my list making which I had lots of fun!

This is where I sit and have my cup of coffee and start the day looking outside and I can see the garden, the beginning of a new day when the sun rises right in front of me and the birds fly from the trees looking for seeds to take back for the nest.

Keri Smith: This extraordinary artist has been suggested by Maddie and I did this little paper boat from this book.

And here is the fantastic e-course I´m telling you! Persisting Stars ~ Yes! by Madelyn Mulvaney

Here : good summer days!

Wishing : YOU, wherever you are, lots of fun, love, joy and good things !!!

Happy weekend!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Favorite Finds

I´d like to show you some cute things I brought from the United States trip like these buttons and "pois" ribbons which I really adore!

This little vintage metal plate was a great find in Monterrey and the store was selling the same old canned sardines that became famous . My dad bought a lot of them to give as gifts, such a nice gift, though!

Many bookstores with lots of SALES , I found this box of Easy to make Felt Teddies that enchanted me! They are really cute and I guess this week I´ll make them!

Fabrics: can´t live without them! oh, and scissors and buttons and stamps...

At my sewing studio with my new calendar with everyday sewing projects in it, it´s the greatest idea , ever! And my old embroidered hoop and some work in progress fabrics, already cut and ready to be finished.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Discovering neighborhood

Since we moved in to our new house and to another town I haven´t had time to get to know any place because of the lack of time to do so.
Yesterday at last I could open an account at the DVD rental store, I took a drive around the neighborhood and tried to find myself home and I just know that it doesn´t happen suddenly or at once...
I do not know where people buy the best meat or which is the best supermarket or the toy store or I even don´t know what I should know! Well, that´s fine because I really feel home at home! I am not the kind of person who loves going out and to tell you the truth, I feel so lucky that I can stay home taking care of family things, that I can look outside and see all the beauty of the nature, all those trees surrounding the house and bringing the breeze inside and the birds that sing so happily towards the branches looking for fruits and seeds.
Today we had the chance to have lunch together( me and my husband) and he took me to Suez, a mediterranean style restaurant near our house.
The moment you enter the garden you will feel a romantic atmosphere embraced by purple and red flowers, fresh breeze and a warm hospitality .
It´s a place where you have a chance to relax and have some fun with your family and friends overlooking the beautiful garden , enjoy good food and also drink one of the 60 labels of wine you can choose from their wine cellar.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

I couldn´t resist!

It´s really a hot day and I couldn´t almost sleep at night and staying at home today was too much so we decided having lunch out , Itu was the destination.
We had a super delightful food at this restaurant we use to go , they serve excelent meat and this is the perfect getaway when we want to eat out of town and stay close to the nature.

Hmmmm... I think it´s something in the air that brings happiness, hope and inspiration looking at these pictures...

We got home, Camila was out with her uncle and aunt , I felt kind of doing something with my fabrics, had some ideas in my mind , sketched some projects and I came out to this Notebook Hanging Pocket.

I am definitely terrible with drawings, see the squares???? Well, I just had to have some idea of the project so it worked out!

I love this fabric design and its pretty colors! I used it as the pocket fabric, then added some cotton lace and finished with this vintage navy blue button.

This is exactly what I needed, sometimes I don´t have the pen and paper to write down some quick notes found on the internet then this pretty accessible pocket is quite perfect, don´t you think?

The weight of the notebook holds firmly the hanging pocket and here you see an African pencil from Gana and a very pretty sketch book that my friend , potter and artist gave to me. Thank you Sossô!!!

And maybe this one will work out for kids , too... in their case: a lollipop , a favorite stuffed toy made by mom and some candies...

For Dad: glasses, remote control and the inseparable Iphone...

Well, until then, it´s MINE!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a lovely week!


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Home, sweet home

The "delicious" kid´s menu in the flight going home. Well, that´s what she said , believe it or not!

And she played , slept and listened to the music... oh, how about this mood of hers??? I was so tired but I couldn´t get any sleep in the plane.
Actually when I got home I slept from time to time in the afternoon and more sleeping tight at night.
Although I miss all the adventures we had, there´s nothing like home, right?

And the day after getting home, she stayed in her Pjs until 2 PM !
We decided doing some crafting because we felt this need of doing something "creative" and messy!

Take a look at this fantastic art kit of Matrioska she got as a gift from her aunt who went to Russia last month.

It´s wood turned and you can paint them with your favorite colors... it was just a little hard to read and understand it!

It´s very easy and fun!
No reading required.

Actually it´s not that messy! Just be careful, introspective, be in a quiet room and...

Here they are!
Have them dried carefully and put them inside.
So much fun ! The first crafting time of the new year!

And I hope you all have plenty of time for crafting, sewing, knitting , reading or whatever your heart wants, it´s a wonderful feeling!!!!

Have a very inspiring week and thank you for reading my posts from the US, I had learned so much from visiting, observing, admiring and knowing other countries' culture and I also have experienced that respecting nature is the best thing you can do for the next generation, they do deserve that, don´t they?


Postcards from the US - Day 10

Just to celebrate the last night in the California Coast, a bite on Marie Callender´s cookie as dessert! Thanks to my brother who suggested this outstanding place to finish our trip!

Lots of goodies we would love to take home but that will just be kept in our memories :(


Postcards from the US - Day 9 / Part II

Santa Monica - the next stop, we strolled along the "Promenade" in the evening , just steps from the seaside, and boy, it was crowded but full of good energy and there was a little time to savor, sip and see the local life!

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you´re gonna get."
Do you remind these words?

Redondo Beach - We had such an inventive menu at this seafood restaurant Bluewater Grill , like this:
Diced Ahi Tuna with spicy sauce, sushi rice and wonton pieces like a sandwich...

Observe the ocean, the nature is right here...

right on Camila´s crocs! how pretty is it?

Taking a walk along Santa Monica´s beach near the harbor...

Is there always so perfect? The temperature was cozy, the air was clear and well, I must have more exhilarating list of things to tell about this part of California!

Time to pause: at the hotel room... phew, what a day!

Time to get some rest...