Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Home, sweet home

The "delicious" kid´s menu in the flight going home. Well, that´s what she said , believe it or not!

And she played , slept and listened to the music... oh, how about this mood of hers??? I was so tired but I couldn´t get any sleep in the plane.
Actually when I got home I slept from time to time in the afternoon and more sleeping tight at night.
Although I miss all the adventures we had, there´s nothing like home, right?

And the day after getting home, she stayed in her Pjs until 2 PM !
We decided doing some crafting because we felt this need of doing something "creative" and messy!

Take a look at this fantastic art kit of Matrioska she got as a gift from her aunt who went to Russia last month.

It´s wood turned and you can paint them with your favorite colors... it was just a little hard to read and understand it!

It´s very easy and fun!
No reading required.

Actually it´s not that messy! Just be careful, introspective, be in a quiet room and...

Here they are!
Have them dried carefully and put them inside.
So much fun ! The first crafting time of the new year!

And I hope you all have plenty of time for crafting, sewing, knitting , reading or whatever your heart wants, it´s a wonderful feeling!!!!

Have a very inspiring week and thank you for reading my posts from the US, I had learned so much from visiting, observing, admiring and knowing other countries' culture and I also have experienced that respecting nature is the best thing you can do for the next generation, they do deserve that, don´t they?


Postcards from the US - Day 10

Just to celebrate the last night in the California Coast, a bite on Marie Callender´s cookie as dessert! Thanks to my brother who suggested this outstanding place to finish our trip!

Lots of goodies we would love to take home but that will just be kept in our memories :(


Postcards from the US - Day 9 / Part II

Santa Monica - the next stop, we strolled along the "Promenade" in the evening , just steps from the seaside, and boy, it was crowded but full of good energy and there was a little time to savor, sip and see the local life!

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you´re gonna get."
Do you remind these words?

Redondo Beach - We had such an inventive menu at this seafood restaurant Bluewater Grill , like this:
Diced Ahi Tuna with spicy sauce, sushi rice and wonton pieces like a sandwich...

Observe the ocean, the nature is right here...

right on Camila´s crocs! how pretty is it?

Taking a walk along Santa Monica´s beach near the harbor...

Is there always so perfect? The temperature was cozy, the air was clear and well, I must have more exhilarating list of things to tell about this part of California!

Time to pause: at the hotel room... phew, what a day!

Time to get some rest...