Monday, June 14, 2010

So much to tell...

I´ve been away from this space since a long time and the reason was an awful fever , headache and the entire body feeling bad. Finally I am away from the bed!

There were days of comfort coming from my dear partner, husband and Dad of my daughter ( who was in the same situation) that made our days better , our home was always warm and he took care of us so amazingly, thank you!

These are pictures of some sewing I´ve made some days ago , this one with the Matrioska design was a gift to a very close friend to keep her wet tissue package inside. I loved making it, I embroidered, used some ric racs, so much fun!


These colors attracted me for the beauty, the simplicity and the combination, I enjoyed making this one also.
Here is the detail of a vintage button given from a friend and used here , very carefully.

The front and...
the back
And inside.

Last Sunday´s report: Coral Sonia ( my Mom´s Choir Group) at the Recital of 18 years was a great success, congratulations Mom!!! And thank you for letting me be part of this wonderful old ladies group, it´s a big honor for me. I love you all!!!!

Clara, my sister in law was the pianist and she was amazing!

At the end, everybody ( including the audience) could sing together, Japanese old songs that they reminded from the deep of their hearts, I guess those were the songs they used to listen when they were kids, in Japan, with their family... it was beautiful, some of them cried and were very touched.
Music has universal language and this moment showed me that´s so true.

Have a lovely, wonderful week . Tomorrow I´ll be watching the FIFA World Cup!!!!Thank you for coming here !!!!