Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good old times

Sunday morning, beautiful sunny day and it´s almost Autumn down here but it still feels like summer, the idea of staying home was great but going out somewhere with the kids sounded even better so we decided to go to São Paulo city and a very great spot was MASP , one of the most important art museum of this town and under its building there is the Antique Fair that I used to go when I was a teenager.

We could see so many interesting things and I loved this giraffe´s bag, so cute! And then, look at this woman´s outfit, doesn´t she look amazing? Well , let me explain this to you guys, there was some Clowns´ Parade at Paulista Avenue and I ´m sure she was part of it!

Look now at this amazing old toy, for Disney character lovers!

When I was born my dad was working at a toy´s factory called Metalma and there they used to make this kind of metal toys , this brought me some great memories of my childhood.

And my daughter was now looking at these "vintage" toys!

These ones reminds me my older brothers!

Old cars, trains and many metal stuff
This old gramophone is something! It still works out and the sound is amazing!

On the other side of the street we could see the craft fair and we took a quick walk because Camila was a little tired because she woke up very early this morning. There were whimsical decoration pieces like these colorful baloons!

And talented painters with dramatic colors, these are Ypê flowers paintings , they are very common in Brazil and I love the yellow ones that are amazingly beautiful!
And this was my favorite one: Trains and Sunflowers! I love them both and this painter is so very talented, too, don´t you think?
So, after a very busy week, this quick tour to São Paulo city was quite comforting for me and my family for the moments we spent together. This was such a perfect Sunday!

Wishing you all a week of joy and happiness with much love!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday celebrating

My little girl turned 8 and she had many celebrations like this one above , a picture taken at school and the frame she set up herself on the digital camera. Oh, wasn´t it yesterday that this girl was born and slipped into my hands so small with her tiny eyes looking up at me?!!

Meanwhile, this baby boy turned 1 , yes, ONE!! And this pretty little giggling boy , smiling and exploring the whole world around him is our reason to live.

These two are our blessing and every day I am grateful for their lives, the happiness they bring in small atitudes that fills our moments with love, joy and hope.
Summer days in the hammock makes him smile

We made a small family party at home , very simple surrounded by her aunts, cousins and playing and running around the house.

I´m so very happy to see these two kids , playing together spending their own moment , sometimes in absolute silence and sometimes with much joy , laughing out loud !