Saturday, July 11, 2009

Holidays - kid vs. rainy day

Nothing goes with rainy days better than indoor playing cards, jaboticaba fruits, tea, cheese bread (which we call Pão de Queijo) and some Pinhão, seeds from a Pine Tree called Araucária (Araucaria Angustifolia) which is a very typical food in these cold season and delicious!
And some watercolor painting inspired right here...

And I like to do lists, endless list because I´m a list maker... Here it goes, a part of it!

I´m listening and watching: on YouTube - The Holiday movie soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, amazing!

I´m feeling : sleepy , it´s almost 1 AM!

I´m resisting: the little Godiva chocolate box that I got yesterday from my brother... yum,yum!

I´m reading: Last child in the woods , by Richard Louv . For parents concerned with the future of childhood, it´s a book that will make you unplug yourself and will make you realize that nature can be as amazing, mysterious and powerful as any TV show or a video game .

I´m dreaming : with these wonderful photographs and its decoration ideas...

I´m wishing: you all much joy and love for this weekend!!!