Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Into the holidays - Day Four

Beautiful Orchids...

A cart loaded with flower boxes...

and more flowers, amazing colours!! I loved them!!!

Endives with gorgonzola cheese with nuts and crostata bread

His speciality, Beef Stew with mushrooms and shitake, fabulous lunch!!!!!

Early in the morning I went with my choir friends to Ceasa and I could admire and see lots of colorful flowers and plants. Since it´s a holiday many sellers hadn´t come today but even so, it was nice to see those kaleidoscope of reds , yellows and greens!

My brother cooked for us and the lunch was served with style , at his apartment and everything was perfect, the companionship, the drink, the laugh among five women!!! And Edu took care of Camila that gave up going to the movies and preferred staying home with him, that´s good, they just went out for lunch and they spent some time together.

It was a rainy day and now it´s fresh outside, phew!

Ken, thank you for the delicious lunch today! We are all looking forward to the next,hahaha!!!

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Into the holidays - Day Three

Cacau Brasil - Chocolates

Quati at Vista Chinesa

So cute!

Hot pad brought from "Leite na pista"

Campos do Jordão - SP
We left home at 9 AM and stopped at a gas station where they serve a good breakfast, we ate some "pão de queijo" , a typical brazilian bread, delicious served with coffee in the morning.
And we had our lunch on the road, before arriving to the destination because there would be very crowded because of the Carnival holidays and very expensive too.
At Campos do Jordão we found a cozy place, a chocolaterie called Cacau Brasil and we had some delicious strawberries with chocolate , very very yummy! That was enough for us, we visited the town on foot, they sell lots of winter clothes because of the location, at the mountains... but of course we did not buy anything because it was hot at the time, we are in summer and nothing was attractive for our eyes or skin! Can you imagine buying some boots or cardigan?????
OK, I bought a pretty muffler but it was made with some cotton stuff, soooo... I´m gonna wear it in autum, a season that I love so much! But at the time I´m loving this summertime where we can walk barefoot , water the plants and feel the drops of rain on our face that freshes our soul.

Back on the road again , we stopped at an observatory called "Vista Chinesa" and we met some cute animals called Quati or Coati from the tupi language that means " Pointed Nose" , so small and calm, they were looking for food.

After that we stopped at "Leite na Pista" and as we admired the country scenario drinking a cup of coffee with a piece of tapioca cake we walked and visited the store inside this small farm and we found this amazing little piece of art, so charming and contemporary, it´s a hot pad ( or coaster) made of covered metal bottle caps, sewn all together . Oh, I have to tell you, I´ve got home so happy with this one! And the wonderful memories and times we spent today , just the three of us!

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