Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekend pics

Visiting unique shops around neighborhood is sometimes very interesting like these material that are so different from what I am used to work with.

Long time ago I used to work with metal, pretending I was Jennifer Beals on" Flashdance "!!!! Welding machine, mask, electrodes, smoke, this used to be my father´s work but then suddenly there was I making art with metal and I enjoyed a lot that time. I made delicate bromelias, banana trees and orchids but that was a really heavy and dirty work and after I found out fabrics and the sewing machine , well, my life became complete!

This kind of shop was a delight for my eyes , old materials that could be recycled and turned into art, I just had to be creative and lots of project would pop up on my sketchbook...

But nowadays sewing became really my passion and these things are now my husband´s hobby! And that´s why I went to this shop this morning. Good luck , my dear !!!

The day was so warm, we had a birthday party to go and on our way to the party we saw this beautiful monument at Ibirapuera Park, it´s called Bandeiras Monument (artist: Victor Brecheret)

I could write and show you a post only about São Paulo´s beautiful spots , maybe someday I will take some interesting photographs around town ... You know, Brazil is an immense country and i would love to let you know a little bit about the culture , interesting stories , parks and animals and artists that live here...

It´s still Saturday so I´ll leave you now wishing you a beautiful sunny Sunday for everyone that visited me today , here. Thank you for coming!!! Love to you all!!!