Thursday, September 06, 2012

Welcome September!

 Hello everybody!
It´s been a while that I´ve been away for lots of reasons, kids were sick, I´ve been organizing the mess and the chaos of my home, it seems that my precious time is so short and blogging has been put away because I really didn´t have the time and opportunity to reach my notebook, believe me or not!

And September has come and I am so happy for that , I love Spring and it´s almost there, but this season´s blessing have already come nearby and I can see flowers and more flowers around my house, orchids are everywhere I look and I feel so blessed.

The kids played after I swept the little seeds that fell of the coconut tree off the ground since they don´t have leaves to play with.

 Still playing in the yard at the end of the day...

Last Saturday my little daughter took part of a chess tournament held in her school and she won a medal that made us so proud of her!!
Now she is taking seriously her chess class  and I don´t have enough words to say how much she makes me happy.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend full of joy and fun!