Friday, January 07, 2011

Rearranging moments

It´s Summer here and it´s getting warmer each day with lots of rain, too... But rain is good, look at these green colors outside in our garden,

and the pink flowers , so gorgeous!

the very red acerola fruits that we can make delicious fresh juice from them! I just love looking at the contrast of green and red!

This week , since Camila is on school holidays, staying at home doing lots of things like organizing baby´s bedroom with me, cooking , playing inside and (when it´s not raining) outside the house, I thought she needed a good place to study this year.

So , we rearranged the top of the stairs where there´s a mezanino and now it looks like this, with a blue desk with drawers , a good chair and lots of space for her studying time.

She loved her new little studying corner and everyday she writes her diary up here. Maybe we need some bookcase , hmmm, maybe we´ll a quick visit at the flea market somewhere...

By the meantime, while Camila is staying at her uncle´s house I took a time to rearrange this coffee corner in the kitchen. It holds everything I need: a coffee machine that we LOVE, capsules, milk , coffee cups and it´s all set!
Would you like some coffee with me?

Well, have a seat and let´s have a great weekend!!!