Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten things I´m loving...

This is an interesting exercise and I´ve been making lists on and on. Here I´ll post 10 things that I´m in love right now. Not necessarily in that order.
1. Early in the morning the first sunlight coming inside the sewing studio... so inspiring!

2. Looking around my home and finding things I´ve sewn years ago... still in use

3. Celebrating birthdays!
This one? For the 3 years old " Foquinha" the little elephant seal . Happy Birthday little one!

4. My new red shoes, so comfortable... They take me everywhere, I wish they had wings!

5. Taking pictures here and there in a desperate way of practicing...

6. Ladybugs, aren´t they so cute?

7. Celebrating life!

8. Baking muffins , eating them with a cup of coffee...

9. Stormy weather, wind, raindrops that turn into...

10. a new landscape , day after day ... Isn´t life so amazing?

How about you? What are your favorite things in your daily life?