Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flea Market

This post is just to share with you some simple joy we had this Saturday at our condominium where a Flea Market was held at the social area, actually our first Flea Market!!!

We were very excited because Camila took all of her old clothes, toys and books to sell and I took some books , too.

A smiling face, just beside my table...

Selling and buying moments...

The market was just right beside the kids park and the kids had lots of fun while Moms were selling their stuff... hey, come back here and help your Mom!!!

It was a Saturday under the warmth of the autumn sun and among new friends that we made, nothing could be more perfect than this!

Today I am quite sleepy after all the joy of Saturday, we got home relieved for we ´ve sold almost everything ( yay!!!) and Camila went to the toy store to buy something she wanted a long time ago and yesterday she made enough money to buy it ( and still got some change) and she played all night long.

I can feel the signs of Autumn which I adore.
Inside : the smell of wood, fireplace, hot chocolate and muffins
Outside: Camila playing on the ground, leaves, delightful new colors of the earth

I think I really love this season of the year , quiet and perfect and as a new week begins I wish you all a warm and inspiring week, wherever you are, Autumn or Spring...


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Creative corner

A friend of mine asked me to make some baby bibs and I finally finished them!

Actually she asked me to make 2 but then, I got so inspired looking around and trying to choose the fabrics that I ended up making 4 more . I was looking for a simple tutorial and found out this cute blog and then she gave us the tip of this website that´s very easy ( although it´s in Japanese , you can understand it).

My constant companion: this pincushion that I made couple years ago... and....

this little girl of mine, striking a pose holding the huge orange from the garden!

Have a sweet Wednesday!!!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Corners of my home

Hi everyone! Today I decided to share with you some of the corners of my home that I see everyday when I wake up.

The first place I go in the morning is the living room where I can see how is the day, sunny or rainy, windy ... And then I look to my left side and out of the window I can see this huge fruits hanging on not so huge tree which I haven´t found out what it is exactly but I tell you, it´s sweet like a Ponkan but too big!!!

Here is my TV /DVD, book corner where I spend most of the time when I am resting and relaxing. And on the couch I sew and drink my everyday cup of coffee.

Then my little girl wakes up on her pajamas and she comes to say good morning holding three or four stuffed animals, normally the husky dog, the dolphin, the sea lion and another dog...

And now the flowers I ´ve got on my birthday and their perfume is all over the house, I adore them!
Flowers are so beautiful and for me they look like Mandalas, so perfect!

Look at those petals, their perfection, the color and texture...

and how they make a small corner so beautiful and full of energy attracting the sunlight.

I love this wooden plate that a Sister from our church gave us when we got married. And I wish you the same, Faith, Hope and Love to all of you this week!


Monday, May 17, 2010

40 and feeling good!

The Mad Hatter Tea Party that my little one and I made to celebrate my birthday.

May, 15th was my birthday and now I left my 39 years... I am 40 now!!!
Wow, I never thought it would come but I still remember my 18 years as if it was yesterday ...

Thank you for my lovely friends , blogger friends that called me or came up to say Hi! on the phone, at my house , e-mails and phone messages, I love you all and you mean so much to me!

All those presents, gifts and lovely cards, flowers that fills every corner of my house with beautiful colors and amazing scents, I don´t know how to express my gratitude.

Have a lovely , sunny week, I am so thrilled at this moment , I mean these days; that I wanted to share my feelings with you all.


Saturday, May 08, 2010


I just wanted to show you some pictures of our way home from the trip I took with my parents to Minas Gerais. Coffee is well known and there are many farmers like this one, on the road where they created a coffee shop, amazing! We found lots of products and we couldn´t resist having some "mug" of coffee with milk!

There was also a shop with local handcrafted objects like these

pretty dolls and outside...

my Dad in front of the garden, and, of course, as a good Japanese person he always carries his point and shoot digital camera wherever he goes!

And back home, Mom gives gifts , souvenirs from Minas, Camila loved the Dolphin wooden toy that came from my Dad´s friend, Vicente.

And back to the present day: A little sewing moment ...

Camila´s school friend birthday, I made this kid´s apron with a cupcake on it and also made a small set with a wooden spoon, measuring spoons , Cookie Recipe for kids and three cookie cutters with animal design. I hope she likes it...

And tomorrow is Mother´s Day so I wish you all a lovely celebration day and thanks for taking your time here, reading my posts!!! You mean a lot to me!!!