Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To be present is...

Go fishing with this little girl that gets all excited when she catches one little fish ( that´s really hard to be patient when fishing, you know...)

go for a walk with the loved ones, just feeling the atmosphere, fresh breeze , green leaves under our feet...

spread on the table all the colors you have in your art corner and let her make her own art... As the day was so "fishy", she came up with this wooden door stop to paint on, with lots of colors!!!

Don´t you just love looking at these joyful colors?!!!!!

Oh, yes, I really do, it makes me smile!

To be present is to make it happen when they ask for it!

You just have to keep everything close to you, easy to pick up and voilá!!

C O L O R E X P L O S I O N !!!

And playing with beads, making necklaces for every stuffed animal as she said, two necklaces a day, for two animals ...

Look !! I caught a little crocodile!!!!

Hehehe, just kidding!!!

This fabulous flower is : Golden Shower Orchid , a gift from my sister in law, Marta and finally it gave flowers, I love it!!! Thank you Martinha!!!

This was definately a treasured day, being with my parents , my daughter and my husband, savoring this ordinary day turned into a very precious one.

Thank you for following us on today´s post.

Warm wishes for your week!!