Monday, March 02, 2009

Sunday Birthday Party

I´m so lucky for having such a wonderful family, my husband´s sisters worked for this party, this is one of his sister´s house and here they are, decorating , cooking, preparing delicious salads barbecue and doing their best for Camila´s celebration! Thank you everyone, you are the greatest!!! I love you all!!

Her smile is so spontaneous , it´s the greatest gift for us!

Under the sun, everybody having fun, talking, eating and playing in the swimming pool

Sweet little girls!

Lots of baloons, colorful, green, red, purple, acqua, white... What else could I ask for?

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Saturday, hot summer day

Her best friend in summertime: water

After the swimming afternoon, playing with Tonico.

And the day ended like this, softly, sweet dreams ... with tia Ive

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