Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Helping hand

Are you ready ? It´s all set with craft materials on the table...

Drawing on the plate with toothpick , using your imagination you can draw anything!

Use your favorite color and paint the plate you´ve drawn and stamp on the bag

Here they are!

This is another idea she came out! Collage with origami papers

This little girl with tiny hands has helped me at home like this moment of creativity when we decided to decorate the Christmas paper bags to be given in a few days at the event I´m planning at Bia´s studio.

I had nothing in mind, couldn´t think about anything because of the thousands of duties, chores and things in my mind so I asked my kid to think about something to decorate the bags that should be easy, fast and fun!

So she came with this idea of stamping with these styrofoam plates that always acumulate in the trash can. She learned at school and now she wanted to show me at home and voilá, it worked!

I finally knew that children has a different way of thinking, they are practical, full of creativity and imagination and I´m so very glad for having this helping hand right in front of me!

Okay, now we have work to do, lots of bags and bags and bags to stamp! Bye for now and have a wonderful , inspiring Wednesday!