Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine´s Day

Here in Brazil we do not celebrate this Valentine´s Day but since I blog a lot and see and read so many friends and people talking about it, I feel like I´m a part of this world of celebrations no matter what or where!!! Arroz de Festa , we would say!!

Tonight we went to celebrate it , after Edu came home from a hard day, studying and working , we picked me up to have dinner out and for dessert, Petit Gateu with Vanilla Ice Cream!!!!

Oh, I´m getting fat, I have to buy new pants and who knows when, I´ve gotta start some hard diet... yeah,yeah,yeah, on Monday... hahahahaha, it never works!!! Diets are a loosing battle for me!

I wish you have a love filled Valentine´s Day !!!

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Sukiyaki Market

This little deli is in front of my brother´s home and it has the best "Sonho" I´ve ever dreamed!!!! This is different from the usual one , it´s baked not fried so you get less stressed about the calories, fat, etc.etc... And its DE LI CI OUS!!!!!

So when I don´t have much time to cook, here I go to Sukiyaki because they have this great meals and vegetables and beans and anything you can imagine. Everyday there´s something different and I never go out without their butter flavoured bread, yummy, heaven!!

Here´s the address:
r. Prof. Monjardino, 174 - São Paulo - SP
Tel. 3501-8490
(Closed on Mondays)

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Birthday Making Of

Camila is so excited about her birthday and the first thing she does when she wakes up is looking for the countdown calendar and she gets more and more excited!!! So pretty to see this little one putting all her hopes, energy and delight on the 27th day of February to become FIVE!!! So am I...

We brought some simple keepsakes to give to friends at pre school and here they are. She opened all the packages, ordered on the table and put each one in the party bag, the SpongeBob party bag.

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