Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still summer

Old tiles decorate the plant vases, I love these blue colors and the colonial style that is so unique.

Our friend M. called us because we haven´t met for a long time since last year and we went to her beautiful house surrounded by high old Palm Trees, cozy chairs, a pool and an amazing silence. We couldn´t even imagine we were in the middle of São Paulo city.

Waiting for the other friends to come and celebrate this wonderful season ( maybe the end of it) , Sunday is a good day to meet old friends...

Sunday means Pasta and Salad lunch! Yummy , weeeeee!!!! and it was sooo delicious, we ate a lot, really a lot!

This friend of mine´s gorgeous house is surrounded by the nature, amazing flowers with fantastic colors everywhere...

Kids playing: lots of laughter, happiness and friendship! I love to see these wee ones so close and playing together ...

When I think back to three years ago when we went to this house with our babies I can still remind their first steps, they didn´t even talk , they were using diapers and they needed more attention that we didn´t even had a chance to sit down.Then today, I just stopped for a moment and looked at them, grown up and still making these moments so nostalgic.

These are the much-treasured times with our friends I want to keep in my heart, I hope some day my daughter reads it and keeps in her mind that this is what it´s all about, this sight of true friendship that fills our souls , gratitude and hope.

And I want to thank M. for letting us share this day together and for opening her house for such a kind , smooth, unforgettable afternoon.

May your week be full of much love , special moments and gratitude!

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