Monday, July 26, 2010


I found myself completely in need of dropping everything and head to a trip for a far place, somewhere that we could stay the three of us together enjoying this beautiful winter season that doesn´t feel so cold. Days are warm and nights are chilly and the sky of this place called Minas is amazingly blue... The town´s called São Lourenço and its water is sold in the whole country.

After 5 hours driving we arrived to the hotel and in the morning , all sort of bread, cake and juice on the breakfast table waiting for us was simply a delight! Plus, the typical jellies, cheese bread and Minas cheese were so very yummy!

Say Hi!

And now, heading to the old Steam Locomotive small trip! This is what I really love, TRAINS!

This one goes to a small village called Soledade de Minas taking tourist passengers for an interesting trip, some musicians sing in the train cars and they sell beverage and there are lots of fun with every kind of people!

At Soledade : farmer´s market , lots of fruits, vegetables...

And back to São Lourenço , you can see this bottle of water written on it, the famous water that we drank a lot at restaurants, at the Parque das Águas to refresh ourselves...

Contemporâneo : a very good restaurant where you can taste many kind of food, from Japanese food, Italian or this typical local trout that sounded very tasty , Edu ate it.

And for dessert: Petit Gateau, very yummy and ... sweet!

I do so love trains and the history behind them, the magic of the whistle that we can hear from very far and its particular smell of the smoke...

And I´m glad we could share this moment with our little one ...

Good, good times!!

Have a wonderful week full of joy and inspiration!!!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pic Nic Day

Looking outside the window, the sky was clear and blue inviting us for a delightful day spent in the garden that meant no TV and no chores for a while, today! Okay , before anything I had started my day using the washing machine, cooking breakfast, making this and that ...

She started playing on the ground with her cooking set , making lots of food to her stuffed animals and then we had this idea of having lunch with Pic Nic food, very simple but a Pic Nic is fun, easy, entertaining and feeling the warmth of the sun on the skin , looking at the leaves falling on the water and the touch of the breeze on our faces sounded irresistible!

:: what was served:

some organic fruit , "onigiri" ( which is a Japanese traditional food ) that we made ourselves and chicken nugets, just because we love them!!

This pic nic blanket was the first thing I made to this house when we were still moving into it and finally today we could use it properly and we bought this Homemade Apple Cake at the local organic farmer´s market that is also very yummy, with iced tea, it was delicious!

We ended up the Pic Nic moment laughing and talking and eating a lot!!! After that, some football and frisbee playing to keep our bodies working out!!

Wishing you a lovely day , we´ll be back in a few days after a small trip to Minas , love to you all!


Friday, July 09, 2010

Is there a perfect day?

We had a wonderful time at a little farm near our house , Camila loved riding the horse, breathing some fresh air and visiting a typical old country house which was very interesting.

Here she is, standing in front of the house that was located right after the entrance and then an employee takes us , visitors to know all the animals, activities and things to do .

... milking a cow was an exciting experience for an urban raised kid! Look her happiness...

Me and Camila , a picture taken by a friend we´ve met there.


The days have been warm and the nights very cold ...
I´ve been spending some time sewing, organizing my studio stuff but I can´t show you my little corner because it´s still messy!


among fabrics, mess, yarn, ribbons and buttons, oh, yes, buttons that you already know that I treasure, I took some time making these button rings to myself, oh, by the way, I love rings, too!

and click! Can you see the ring?

Here they are, my new collection, what do you think?

I really love the ceramic button one, I think it´s very original!

And these are adorable and I have already used them!

All these little moments with my kid and making these button rings made my day perfect.

Now you tell me, what´s the "perfect day" for you?

Wishing you all a very sweet and perfect weekend!!


Friday, July 02, 2010

The comfort & the blessing of food

:: outside :: winter season , blue sky, orchids are the beautiful ornament in the garden...

and ...

:: inside ::

This is my new toy that Edu brought to me some weeks ago and finally last weekend I had the chance to use it and here I´ll show you the result of this simple but handful "toy" that makes...

CHURROS !!! Would you like to try some?

She is testing my sample!!! And she approves and eats some more. Inside I put "doce de leite" , it´s common here in Brazil, it tastes like a condensed milk but very creamy and yummy!!

And then I had to try this Jamie Oliver´s Apple Pie recipe that was my little girl´s delight ( mostly before eating it) , I think kids love THIS part of making the dough, don´t they? Especially when you add lots of butter...

As we measure each ingredient and we mix them I feel the magic of cooking together, talking about everything, silly things, laughing , the way it involves ourselves into a nice talk and cleaning ( by the way, lots of cleaning ), it makes me feel the comfort of being there and lots of more good times to come ahead.

And then the green apples, yummy!!! Of course she tried these , too!!!

And, tada ,it baked exactly how I imagined , so perfect and that makes me feel so good!

Our kitchen and the living room had this delicious scent in the air, apple pie smells so good! This is a true blessing, to have food on the table, beyond that, with a helping hand that turned this food so sweet.

And my little helper , my particular "Oompa Loompa" painting my new table-to -be that will be used in the studio. This old wooden board was under our tatami at our former house and now we don´t use it anymore because I wanted a sofa to sit on! I guess I´m getting old...

Later on I´ll post some pictures of this table in the studio but for now, I leave to you this beautiful orchid , real treasure of the nature that grew right on our palm tree, so exuberant ...

Well, I am grateful for all of these blessings: the food, the life in family , what nature offers to us, friends,

Wishing you a very peaceful weekend with your loved ones and thank you for coming here!