Thursday, September 03, 2009

Revealing secrets

I could say that this is not the best part and I really don´t like it... paint, mess, noise everywhere!

Part of the secret I´ve kept for months: the living room

Some candies for our new co-workers !

I´ve been keeping a secret to myself since June , a big one, that means I´ve kept it for almost 3 months but now the day for revealing has arrived.

We bought a NEW HOUSE!

And finally we´ve got the KEYS!!!

So I´m pretty busy right now, surrounded by lots of boxes, wrapping stuff, no place to walk and a head full of new projects, ideas, worries, fears, happiness , all mixed up!!!

We are moving to a bigger house , I mean not sooo BIG but, big! And we are all very excited and since we´ve got the keys, people have been working there, repairing, painting, gardening and I ´ll be there to put some order so what I want to say here is that , if I don´t post for some days, please don´t worry because I´ll be back soon, with lots of photos of the new home .

I ´m sorry for the shots posted here, they are not inviting to look at, there´s a mess, it ´s scary, isnt´it?!!!!

Wishing you warm days and a fantastic weekend,

see you around!