Saturday, May 08, 2010


I just wanted to show you some pictures of our way home from the trip I took with my parents to Minas Gerais. Coffee is well known and there are many farmers like this one, on the road where they created a coffee shop, amazing! We found lots of products and we couldn´t resist having some "mug" of coffee with milk!

There was also a shop with local handcrafted objects like these

pretty dolls and outside...

my Dad in front of the garden, and, of course, as a good Japanese person he always carries his point and shoot digital camera wherever he goes!

And back home, Mom gives gifts , souvenirs from Minas, Camila loved the Dolphin wooden toy that came from my Dad´s friend, Vicente.

And back to the present day: A little sewing moment ...

Camila´s school friend birthday, I made this kid´s apron with a cupcake on it and also made a small set with a wooden spoon, measuring spoons , Cookie Recipe for kids and three cookie cutters with animal design. I hope she likes it...

And tomorrow is Mother´s Day so I wish you all a lovely celebration day and thanks for taking your time here, reading my posts!!! You mean a lot to me!!!