Thursday, December 01, 2011

Welcome December!

These days I´ve been sewing some Christmas gifts and I wanted to share some pictures here with you because I really love this time of the year to meet old friends and to give thanks and also that feeling of renewal because of the coming of a new year.
This is my " treasure box" , a Japanese cookie box where I keep my ric racs and some old laces and each time I open it , well, I feel good!

On the table, some stuff I´ve been making...

This is a bookmark made of felt and scraps and my precious buttons

It´s a sweet little gift I´m making.

Oh, and now the good news!! Do you see the picture above?
Now she´s free again to jump and run and play !!
Thank you everyone that left kind messages on my last post.

Wishing you a happy December and lots of joy and fun at home with your family and your friends.