Sunday, June 14, 2009

June Festival

All set for the Festa Junina !! Look at my fake hair!!

Cold outside...

Warm and cozy inside...

Codfish with potato and brocoli


The entrance

She loved the little bag I made just for her!!!

Here down in Brazil we celebrate this month with lots of joy, dancing, eating , talking with friends, playing games... It´s called Festa Junina which is celebrated on the days of the Saints ( São João, Santo Antonio) and churches and schools everywhere open their doors for everybody to this amazing outdoor parties!!! So we went to this one near our house and we ate a lot, Camila went with her new caipira´s dress but she had to wear lots of clothes because it was really cold outside! and boots and her fake hair on the hat! She was kind of pretty!!!

And today we went to a delicious Portuguese Restaurant called Quinta do Bacalhau outside São Paulo, it´s in Caucaia do Alto, near here in a beautiful house, small but cozy. The bread is awesome with some butter or extra virgin olive oil and salt, yummy!
The codfish was kinda amazing, delicious, I love brocoli and this dish came with plenty of them!!!

Outside you´ll see a pretty corner with flowers and country styled details...
Finally the sun outside warmed my heart and it felt like a gift, it welcomed me again in this crazy world, suddenly I´m very happy.

I´ll be back here in a few days.
May your week be full of much love and gratitude, always.
I love you all!

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