Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crazy creatures

We had some fun making this stuffed Sock Monsters with Camila´s odd socks and she enjoyed picking buttons up , choosing the felt for the eyes and creating many shapes to make a new friend!
She brought to me from her US trip, a very interesting book : Sewing for children by Emma Hardy and after looking at all chapters she wanted me to make these Sock Monsters and the good point is that it didn´t take us 30 minutes to make one!

This one was her creation, she took the piece that I ´ve cut to make the first monster and she made this one as a puppet.

This one looks like a flying bunny!

And all the family monster we made in this sunny Sunday afternoon!

Wishing you a lovely week full of joy and good things!!!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coming back home

My mom just got back home from a long trip to Japan ( my Dad stayed there) and then we decided to make a welcome back home lunch and here are some pictures of what were served like the pork ribs my brother Lucas made, they were delicious!

And I made some salad with lots of palm hearts and organic eggs...

My brother also cooked this wonderful tasty beef stew with some Japanese spices he ´s brought from his last trip. He really knows what to buy at supermarkets!

On Monday my daughter arrived from her trip to Disneyland ( Orlando ) with her uncle and her aunts and she was so very happy that I could see in her brilliant eyes! She has so many stories to tell, so many things to say and she couldn´t even sleep because she had a lot to talk!!!

Outside this particular bunch of flowers , white orchids are everyday morning blessing when we open our window, it´s magnificent and I don´t get tired of looking at them!

This is a tiny bromelia...

Winter blue sky almost everyday but very, very cold!

And this is a gift my Dad sent to me , an owl family that rings with the wind, so beautiful and all iron made, it´s a typical Japanese gift and I really love it, I hung it inside my house because it´s so windy these days that it would drive me crazy!!! So when we arrive home and we open the front door it rings, with its gentle sound and it brings some kind of peace at home!
And after a week out of home , Camila missed her piano lessons and here she is, trying to remember what Grandma had taught to her! Practice, practice...

I hope you ´re having a good week, full of joy and inspiration as ours have been.


Monday, August 09, 2010

Here comes a new baby!

It´s official and I am here to share with you the news!!!

A new baby will arrive in March , next year and we are all so very excited about it!

I´ve been feeling some illness and distemper of pregnancy and I´m trying to stay quiet at home, drinking herb teas and reading a lot.

My daughter Camila is traveling with her uncle and aunts to Disneyland and she´s very happy about everything that´s happening around here and there and as I write this post I guess she is taking photos with Minnie or Pooh...

Wishing you all the joy and love to you this week and very excited to share with you my new feelings!!!

Love you!