Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sacred mornings


Bread and Butter, melting... yummy!

Minas cheese

I think that breakfast is sacred for you can change your humour by eating something very delicious like papaya that I do eat every day, every morning and when I don´t have it, it sounds that something is missing.

I love cheese, especially these ones called queijo de Minas ( Minas Gerais is a state down in Brazil where I was born) and it´s light, good for diets! I´m always on diet!

When I feel very hungry then I cook some pancakes just to use Maple Syrup , this one was bought in Maine, oh, I love this one! It´s so tasty and it makes the difference in any pancake! Camila loves , too! And the smell of it, it´s de-li-cious!

So today´s post was about food! I´m getting hungry now, it´s tea time so excuse me, I´m heading straight to the kitchen! Oh, I forgot, I´m on diet...

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