Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crafting with children

It´s a good way for a kid to see her drawing turned into something tridimensional and then they can play with these stuffed goods!

These two Camila made in one night , drawing on the white fabric with a fabric pen and helping me to choose the right buttons and the backing fabrics. Her mommy that comes to be me, had to sew quickly for her to play with them. Believe me , she was very excited with these monsters she created and we played a lot later on!

It´s getting dark here, it´s a chilly Sunday and I like it so much! Yesterday I could wear some long sleeve shirts , had to pull from the bottom of my drawer!!! yay!!!! isn´t it so cozy???? Well,I guess I´ll have a cup of cocoa now... excuse me, have a wonderful end of the day and a week full of sewing, crafting, cooking, sleeping, having fun and everything good!

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Happy Sunday

Chocolate semi-sweet cake

Crab Cakes

Octopus in olive oil

Chili with meat & Coleslaw

I´ve just had a fabulous lunchtime with my brother and sister in law at their apartment where they prepared themselves a delicious, yummy looking American style lunch.

Assembled Chili, Coleslaw and Rice

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Celebration weekend

Surprise party!

These few days I´ve been busy just celebrating my birthday which was on Friday, 15th. Yep, one more birthday filled with joy, happiness , health , love and ... lots of food!

It started in the morning after getting a bunch of kisses from husband and daughter, I went to my English class and they made me a surprise party!!!! Oh, it was amazing how happy I was and they brought English tea set with a delicious strawberry cake! Thank you girls!!!!

And then back home, mom called me to have lunch at her house so , I headed right to my Mom´s and Dad was there too to celebrate my 39th birthday!!!! And for dessert: strawberry cake!!

Then in the afternoon Clara called me to a coffee break and we went to Mystere du Chocolat near our house, an elegant chocolat shop with a few tables and good coffee.

Time to pick Camila up at school, back home and Edu arrived early ( why was that? =o)) And we wanted to each Japanese traditional food at Musashi, a very small and cozy restaurant at Pinheiros. It was so good , we ate like pigs! And Camila ate lots of sashimi ( tuna fish).

And I went to sleep so happy and feeling everything good but old!!!

Oh, and THANK YOU for everyone that called me, e-mailed me , left messages on my cell phone while I was having class or driving, sent me cards by traditional mail... thank you , I love you !!

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