Friday, September 18, 2009

Day after day...

She was getting things out of the box and we found an old Japanese "Tai Yaki" pan, so this morning we had it with maple syrup! yummy!!!!

She loves eggs!

Would you like some Tai yaki and eggs????

Singing ...

A tiny bromelia in the woods...

Another bird, admiring, looking at the morning ...


We´ve been living here for one week, our new home , a beautiful , windy and cozy place that now we call home.
I´m still getting mad with so many boxes and stuff everywhere and I will need some time to get all set, but in the meantime I´ll be posting here what we´ve been doing , in the middle of the silence, lots of green leaves, flowers and chilly evening breeze.
The day we´ve moved, Camila got entertained by all those madness, men carrying furniture, boxes, big ones, small ones, at least she had a place to play.
And the next day we woke up early to see how was our new morning scene, sitting on the Adirondack chair that I love so much, I took some pictures that you see here.
Birds fly and sing all the time and ones are busy , others just stand on a branch and sing, sing, sing...
I absolutely like this new home!And Spring is almost here!!!

Wishing you a lovely start of weekend!