Friday, September 25, 2009

Corners of our home

It´s Camila´s new place to draw , paint and get inspired, actually she does everywhere but I had to choose one spot for her so we can concentrate all the material right there. She enjoys making collage so lots of magazines are unders this table!

The " living, drawing, playing piano , coffee drinking room" , all in one place!

Resting place, a tatami and a sofa... and toys, for sure!

From our bedroom window we see these trees with some flowers. Spring is coming and we are all excited!

The first guests are coming tomorrow ( my two sisters in law and my mother in law) and one of them will have this place to have sweet dreams and the other one will be hosted by Camila in her own room. The third guest? Well, we´ll find out something until then...

This bedcover was handmade crocheted by Camila´s aunt Marta who is very talented and she is coming tomorrow to visit us. Welcome!!!

Enjoy your weekend , cook something delicious, stay at home, read a good book , meet friends, go to a musical concert... Well, I´ll try to do that, what are your plans for this weekend?


Three ladies

With auntie and her cousin, they have a lot in common: beautiful eyes, happiness in their soul and purple color!