Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Postcards from the US - Day 5

Carmel by the sea.
A beautiful and unique village touched by the elegance of art galleries, bakeries and cafes that keep timeless memories .
When we arrived there the cloudy sky was misterious and the beach was bathed by the Pacific breeze.
Many Inns have ocean views and private balconies surrounded by pine trees and fresh air. I would love to stay there someday...

Santa Cruz , CA , close to the harbor - we met these seals , ones looking at us, others playing or even sleeping under the grey sky, it began raining and we ran into the car but for our little one, it was the most amazing happening of the day!

We finally arrived at the hotel , starving and we decided to go close to it and thanks to the GPS ( which I wouldn´t be able to go anywhere without it, anymore) we found out this Japanese Restaurant and we were delighted by the Sashimi ( raw fish) and other special dishes that were served.

Wishing you all a beautiful day tomorrow, I will try to sleep a little to spend another day now in San Francisco.



jacqueline said...

Dear Mina, i hope you had a bright and merry christmas! Ohhh and i am really enjoying your postcards from the states! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us and i hope you have the most lovely and happy time! Love to you!

sonia said...

hummm tou gostando ,pena que tou na maior preguiça para ler em ingles,hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm mas pelas fotos eu entendo,hehehehe
Minaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ,teu cabelo é da hora,hehehehehhe bom passeiooooooooooooooo

Lori ann said...

I hope the rain stops so you'll be able to spend more time out with Camilla. Your time in Carmel sounds wonderful, I love that place.
Have fun in S.F.
xoxo ♥

Mina said...

Jacqueline, I hope you keep enjoying my postcards and also that you have a Happy New Year!!!

Sosso, nem precisa ler não, acho que as fotos dizem tudo!!! saudades de você!!! beijos.

Lori,finally the rain stopped and we could spend more time outside but it´s very cold! Happy New year!!!