Saturday, February 21, 2009

Into the holidays - Day One

We all three woke up after eight under a beautiful blue sky and a special sun, very very bright and warm that became very hot at noon and after.

Evidence of a day making art - painting little wooden dolls that came from Casey´s Wood Products from Maine, followed by an afternoon cookie baking time and then ending with an evening dinner at my brother´s apartment where they prepared generously a delicious codfish to celebrate Camila´s birthday. Thank you both, Lucas and Clara for tonight´s wonderful evening time together!

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Sweet bug said...

Wow! What a dinner? Ai que vontade!
How do you do this? You bake you do your craf,and have time for your family! You, are a fantastic person! I really do admire you!

Mina said...

Oh, yes I try to but at the end of the day, phew, I am tired! but a cup of coffee turns me a new person again,hehehe!!

Sweet bug said...

And all this beautiful food at Clara's. Ate fico triste...Just because I can't eat it!!
Oooo!I hate myself for living so far! Hahahahaha !