Sunday, February 22, 2009

Into the holidays - Day Two

The weather forecast says no rain, beautiful day to do something outside and we went to Itu, a city near São Paulo, about 80 km from our home.
It´s a place that brings me good memories because of my father that lived there for 3 years when I was a teenager and I used to go there twice a month and I ´ve spent my summer holidays and winter holidays there, with my dad. He worked at a toy factory called Brinquedos Mimo and I loved my dad´s job , there was a little shop behind the factory where he could buy with discount and I still have one of the toys I loved most, a puppy that walks and barks called xodozinho.
We arrived at the Rancho da Picanha but there was a huge queue , we had to wait about one hour and I was starving, desperately looking for any food so we gave up staying there and drove directly to the other destination: Fazenda do Chocolate, a place we´ve been a lot of times before and it´s a very simple place located near Cabreúva city and we drive near the Tiete River which is a mess, very dirty and it´s so sad seeing that scene...
Whatever... we found good things at the farm , of course there were lots of people but it´s a big park so we could sit, eat some barbecue, give food to the fishes and Camila got a poney ride that she loved , again!
We bought some big "roscas de polvilho" and fresh eggs! Very country stuff!

But something is missing here, I´ve got to go back to eat some Picanha !!!! Not because of the meat but it´s a fine place to kids to play as well. So, maybe next week...

And we arrived home at 5:30 PM, such a wonderful day we had . Now they are asleep and so will I.
Tomorrow we have more plans to get together...

See you around!!!!!

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Sweet bug said...

This all sounds fun! I remember when your father was in Itu!
Pony rides are fun, isn't it? I am beating around the bushes!To tell you that I haven't still sent Camila's present! I am very sorry! And today is impossible! It is raining... I am late! I am going to die!!!! And Cry for my reluctant attitude! Sorry!