Friday, February 20, 2009

Pizza Morning - Part I

Today she woke up and the first thing she wanted was homemade pizza! Ok, here it is! Yummy , it was delicious!!
But it´s not everyday, ok? Well, tonight she´ll be out at a school party so I "anticipated" our dinner time,hehehe!!!

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ana sinhana said...

Clever girl... pizza for breakfast is such a great idea!!

Sweet bug said...

You take beautiful pictures.
And you have been blogging in English too! Viva!!!

Mina said...

Ana, I am a pizza addicted and I think she is getting too!!

Andrea, thank you for your comment, and yes, it´s hard but I´m trying to write in English, phew!

Sweet bug said...

You are doing very well!Ganbareeee!