Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sukiyaki Market

This little deli is in front of my brother´s home and it has the best "Sonho" I´ve ever dreamed!!!! This is different from the usual one , it´s baked not fried so you get less stressed about the calories, fat, etc.etc... And its DE LI CI OUS!!!!!

So when I don´t have much time to cook, here I go to Sukiyaki because they have this great meals and vegetables and beans and anything you can imagine. Everyday there´s something different and I never go out without their butter flavoured bread, yummy, heaven!!

Here´s the address:
r. Prof. Monjardino, 174 - São Paulo - SP
Tel. 3501-8490
(Closed on Mondays)

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Sweet bug said...

Sonho ... I can't remember what they were like ? Are they like doughnuts?

Beti Copetti said...

Menina, que cara deliciosa que tem isto!!!!