Monday, February 16, 2009

This chair came without painting, it´s an old beautifully designed one and I loved the details of it , so I decided to paint with an antique pearl tone and I chose this fabulous fabric I´ve found at Donatelli store for only R$3,00 ( about US$1,50) !!!!!Yay!!!!

My friend Bia helped me with the cushion thing, she has all those tools , staplers, hammer and nails... And voilá, the make up was ready!!! How did you like it?

Oh, I just can say that I can´t stop looking at and admiring it, actually I have to sit on but it´s so gorgeous, I loved it very much!

Have a wonderful, creative and productive week, everyone!!!

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Sweet bug said...

Wow ! It looks good ! You did a good job!!
I loved it!! Ok ! I shall start looking for a chair now , that you might want to fix it all up for me !!