Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We are friends from childhood and we have so many beautiful things to remember... And from now on, I´ll still keep this treasure and tell my daughter how special it is to have a good friend...

Everyday treasure, read her mail in my box, telling her adventures and her daily life with her dear ones , I love reading those words!

Talking about everyday treasures, there are some small details in my life that I adore like taking Camila to the English classes and the talk we have on the way to the school. The good thing is that it´s a little bit further so we have more time to share together. And then she tells about her thoughts, feelings, friends, teachers, dreams and jokes! I cherish every minute of the moment we are together as she grows up every day.

She doesn´t have a crib anymore, she sleeps without diapers, she eats by herself, she plays alone, but at night, she likes to be on our bed until she falls asleep because we pray together and that brings her peace and she can sleep with the angels... I love you so, Camila!

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Sweet bug said...

You are my treasure too. And I cherrish all our moments together, even if we are a little far apart. Just a little... For our hearts will always be very very pertinho, ne?
Love you most!
And all your dear ones are my treasure too.

Mina said...

It´s amazing how close I feel thanks to the internet thing!!! Love you!

Elizabeth said...

oh! you know exactly what i was writing about over at bitsofsunshine - my dear friend Elissa.

long-lasting friendship is a blessing.

thank you for visiting my blog. i'll be back to visit yours again, soon!

Mina said...

I hope all these friendships remains for ever and ever!!!
Thank you for visiting me! You are very welcome!