Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gone fishing!

Look at these clouds, so beautiful...

Hey, look , my first fish!

And here it is, doesn´t it look like the clouds? but it´s sweet and it´s ... over!

New feelings of happiness I´ve seen on Camila´s eyes when she finally could catch little fishes at Maeda´s complex yesterday. We took my parents and they also had fun for the very beautiful weather, cool air that Dad needed and to see our little girl fishing and jumping and laughing out loud!
She took almost 16 and me? only 4, little ones... but it´s okay because these memories are the greatest, good food, Camila and her Dad playing together , no cell phones ringing, no computers, no games, just under the blue autumn sky, fresh breeze and photographs...

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Sweet bug said...

Que peixao Camila! I see you all had fun! And that is very nice to hear.
Algodao doce nos comemos tb. no Omatsuri. Finge que comemos juntas Camila.

Lori ann said...

What a lovely time you had! Thank you for sharing it and also for the beautiful photos (your last post also!)
♥ lori

Mina said...

It was the first time Camila caught a fish by herself and she was very excited!!! Thanks Andrea!!

Lori, thank you for coming by! Have a wonderful weekend!