Friday, May 08, 2009

Making books

Last night after dinner we had some great time together, Dad didn´t go to jeep meeting for he had to work at home and we stayed near him ( as company and noise makers!!!) and I played the teacher and Camila my little student.

We decided to make books! So great , lots of fun! Believe me, kids love making their own books.

We listened to The Very Hungry Caterpillar with Eric Carle reading the book, it´s a special edition I bought that has a CD. Then we went straight to the art room, Elephant Club, and I cut some papers, put 2 holes in each one to bind at the end of the book making ( inspired by Susan G. K, thank you Susan , your free projects and templates are the best!)

Book 1 - She wrote her name,each page has a letter of her name and some other words that she tried to write on with the initial.

Book 2 - A story about us and Manu, her friend.The title is PARQUE ( Park)

Book 3 - A book about her favorite things: colors, place, teacher, numbers...

And she went to sleep so happy and full of new ideas!

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. We have to plan our Mother´s Day from now on...

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