Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sewing afternoon

Sometimes I just feel like making something really quick and easy... and cute! This pattern was made inspired on this book: See and Sew by Tina Davis which is the most incredible and beautiful sewing book for children ( and adults as well!) . It´s a vibrant introduction to sewing plus , it doesn´t require a sewing machine or advanced skills, isn´t it great?
You also may be delighted with the vintage illustrations, so nostalgic while your child works on easy step by step projects from a strawberry pot holder to drawstring bags to keep their PJs!

We eat eggs almost every day and to put these cute egg cozies on the morning table is so attractive, isn´t it? It´s made by felt and button, you might try these one day... I like cute things that turn ordinary moments in a very special one, day after day...

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Sweet bug said...

You are right! This is very cute!!

Mina said...

Thank you!!!!