Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sewing flowers

So our Autumn is not exactly what I expected, I confess... It´s been so hot but evenings are great, the chilly breeze is what I do enjoy! And then I HAVE to wear one of these that I´ve been making.
Actually I made 10 and they are already all sold out but, I have one for myself that I adore and it warms my neck!
I´m pretty inspired by Amy Karol , Soule Mama and some Japanese magazines with those fabulous photographs, thank God I don´t have to read anything!

How was Mother´s Day celebration? Mine was great, my little girl is so in love about writing that she wrote a cute card and made some art work to me, oh, I don´t know how much I love her, it´s such happiness that I can´t express. Being a Mom is the greatest gift I´ve ever had!

Hoping that the Autumn sunlight covers you with joy , have a peaceful week!

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Gina Lee Kim said...

Such great design and beautiful work!